Thomas Breuvart
Creadev has a strong singularity in the support we provide to entrepreneurs

Thomas Breuvart

Investment Associate

Sara Campos-Bauwens
What makes our beautiful team successful are our talents, the attention we pay to each other, mutual support and empathy

Sara Campos-Bauwens

People & Communication Manager

Marion Ciretti
By joining Creadev, I felt it was the right choice to help getting things change in a company.

Marion Ciretti


Creadev 17-02-2021-HD bnw
Sustainably support our businesses and help make the world of tomorrow frugal

Julien Cuvelier

Investment Associate

What drives us at Creadev is the power of the project of each of our entrepreneurs, for the dignity and autonomy of the many.

Bertrand de Talhouët

CEO Creadev

victor Desport
Creadev invests in the two pillars that fuel long term growth : innovation and human capital

Victor Desport

Investment Director

Photo François lowdef
My role as CLO: make sure that Creadev's core values imbue every step of our relation with entrepreneurs.

François Communal

Chief Legal Officer

Yohann Gbahoué
Creating value and positively impacting the economy and society of tomorrow

Yohann Gbahoué

Executive Director

Creadev-17-03-2020- bnw
Creating sustainable value is at the heart of everything we do.

Julien Hombreux

Transformation & Performance Director

Morgane Mahé
I believe innovation can only flourish through a true long-standing partnership based on shared values and trust

Morgane Mahé


Creadev-4-5-2021-13 bnw
Passionate about food, entrepreneurship and long term vision.

Michel de Rovira

Food Managing Director

Our partnership terms are amongst the best for companies aiming to speed up their growth

Alexandre Neuvéglise

Investment Director

Creadev's mission is particularly challenging: to create meaning and value

Brieuc Sartorius


Photo Camille retenue v2 bnw
Ce qui m'a tout de suite séduite, c'est le mélange d'enthousiasme et d'exigence.

Camille Sentenac


Séverine Tapié
At Creadev, we create bonds of trust and respect over time

Séverine Tapié

General Secretary

Whatever the sector and the level of maturity of the companies, we support them so that they are the most innovative

Florent Thomann

Chief Investment Officer

Chantal Toulas
At Creadev, the time of the company takes precedence over the time of the shareholder

Chantal Toulas


Alexandre Van Der Wees
Creadev invests in agtech and foodtech in the long term, with respect for Man and the environment

Alexandre van der Wees

Investment Associate

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